g. Launch a Cluster

Launch a Cluster

The configuration file describes a cluster that you can then “create”, using AWS resources that will then incur a cost. To create the cluster, type the following.

pcluster create npointclust -c my-cluster-config.conf

This creates a cluster called npointclust. The process takes a little time, during which you will get status updates. At the end you will get output that looks like this (your IP addresses will be different).

Cluster output

If you are playing around with configuration files and your configuration fails, you will need to choose a new name for your cluster until the old one is fully deleted.

Open a desktop on the cluster master

Now we will open a remote desktop to the master node of the cluster as follows:

pcluster dcv connect -k ~/.ssh/neuropoint-key npointclust

Get Ready! Get Set! You will receive a long long link and you get exactly 30 seconds to open this link in a browser window. Be sure to select the entire link.

Depending on your browser, you might get a warning. You can bypass this by clicking Advanced and then Accept the Risk and Continue.

You can also use ssh to access the cluster as follows.

pcluster ssh npointclust -i ~/.ssh/neuropoint-key