This tutorial contains the following sections.

  • Getting Situated. This helps you start an AWS environment if you are running on AWS, or install the software you need if you are on your own laptop.

  • Running Neuropointillist. This section takes you through the software and some examples of running Neuropointillist on AWS ParallelCluster.

  • Correction for Multiple Comparisons. To quote Andy’s Brain Blog, of neuroimaging researchers: “other times, their imagination is aroused by lurid images in seedy neuroimaging journals depicting impossibly large brain activations - often, it should be added, achieved without using proper correction, correction which most researchers piously encourage in public but secretly admit dampens spontaneity and feels unnatural.” We suggest here that with enough computational power you can achieve proper correction whilst savoring the sponteneity of autoscaling clusters.

  • fMRI and Longitudinal Modeling. This section provides some background on longitudinal modeling in R, and modeling fMRI data in R at all.

  • Appendix. This section has all the bits we streamlined over to bring you this workshop on AWS. If you realize after this that you could use a cluster like this for some other neuroimaging software, you might need to tailor its software and configuration a little bit.